My focus at rAge 2017

Every year I walk through the doors and am astounded by the sheer size of rAge and the mass of people walking around. Being me, naturally, I want to see everything and everyone. I want to get a picture of every cosplayer, the whole group of cosplayers. I want a picture of every stall and what they are selling. I want to watch every stage. Basically, I walk in without a plan and miss half of everything by trying to see and do too much at once. This year, I have an action plan and I am going to do things differently.


Firstly I had to ask myself, what am I going to rAge for? The real reason, not the hype. Image result for anime think Personally, I go to see the cosplayers and find the anime related stores and merch. Yes, the gaming side (the original purpose of rAge) does interest me but it is not the main attraction for me.

So this year I will be putting on the blinders and focusing mainly on the aspect I am there for and what will really interest my fellow anime loving readers. I will be posting images of the cosplays I manage to see. I will not try to get every one, rather I will grab decent quality images and time with the cosplayers I do manage to get ahold of.

I will try to get their contact details so that I can set up an interview with them so that I may do ‘cosplay features’ on my blog.

Cosplay Appreciation.jpg

Secondly, I will not be completely ignoring the gaming side but will be relying on my brother and father to relay what they thought about what was on display, as well as what they are looking forward to coming out. So please keep in mind that what I post (if I post) about the gaming will be more a mini-interview from other people. I will still share photos but rather than going out of my way to get more info and such I will be posting images of displays that I myself really like aesthetically.

How will I split the gaming and anime cosplay? I won’t be splitting them at all. They are cosplayers and deserve a lot of respect. The time, energy and effort that goes into cosplay are insane and I love seeing people bringing their favourite characters to life, no matter where those characters may come from.



Your thoughts?

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