AYA: 12 December 2017

Today is the second day that I am at the house I am currently house sitting and there is no doubt that the second day I am more comfortable. I am literally a 6-minute drive away from work and up the road from a dam. I left work normal time and stopped by the dam and took a couple pictures. One of them will be for my black and white photo challenge on Facebook.

Even after stopping I have managed to make it back to the house by 4:30pm. Usually, I would be getting to my house around this time after leaving work and heading directly home. Once again the summer heat we are meant to be experiencing has been delayed. I am listening to the roll of thunder and am wondering if there will be a power cut like the homeowners have warned me about whenever it rains. I am really hoping that it does not happen.

Now I do need to gripe and complain. I am broke and starving living off of two-minute noodles and milo cereal. I have like maybe R30 left in my account and 6 packets of 2-minute noodles, half a litre of milk, some lemon twist and a (giant) Toblerone which had been given to me. That’s it. I need to live on that until Saturday when my pay comes in from work and house sitting.  Thankfully we have been invited to dinner with the Bible study on Thursday and I will head home and have my parents feed me on Friday.

Image result for anime noodles gif

I just hope my money will reflect on Saturday otherwise I gotta make a plan B. The reason I am in this mess is that I seriously miscalculated my budget somewhere along the line. Oh well, at least this way it might force me to cut back on the sweets since I have that Toblerone to satisfy my sweet tooth. Hah, who am I kidding?

I am also in a state of ‘I don’t know what to do’ since the house does not have internet. Which is sad, I have plenty to watch on my external and there are plenty of plans that I need to put together, but at the moment I feel rather lost. Usually, I still do other things online while watching. It is amazing how much the internet has changed how I do things since I have not had a land line at the house for long.

As it is tonight I plan to exercise, shower, cook up a packet of noodles, write two blog posts and then get comfy in bed and just chill watching anime.  Here’s hoping that with the storm there are no power cuts and that I am asleep around half 11!


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  1. Today is Saturday. Hope that you made the Toblerone last and didn’t starve 🙂 Lovely pictures. As someone who lives in a concrete jungle I envy you.

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    1. I ate a triangle a day 😂 it got me through till the end 😋 I will say that is one thing I really love about my work and home areas, there is so much vegetation😍

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