5 Dracula in Anime

While there are a whole lot of anime with notable vampire characters there are but a small handful with the name Dracula. I found this rather interesting little fact while i was making a list of the Dracula characters in anime that I knew of. Once my mental memory ran dry I turned to Google and could not add any new characters to my already drafted list.

Why the sudden interest in Dracula? Well, today, 26 May, is supposedly Dracula day. Thus, I put together this list of ‘Dracula’ characters. The characters are either directly Dracula or a variation or connotation linked to the name.



Castlevania Dracula anime character allanimemag (1)

Castlevania gave us a great Dracula who had been driven to insanity and utter detestment for the human race due to the unfair death of his wife.

Tezuka Osamu no Don Dracula released all the way back in 1982, bringing with it well known characters like Hellsing, Igor and of course Dracula himself.


Dracula spelled backwards gives us Alucard, thus a direct and obvious link.

Hellsing Dracula anime character Alucard allanimemag

Hellsing‘s Alucard in both versions is one of my ultimate vampires in the entirety of anime. He is so over powerful that it is captivating. He also lives up to my idea of what a vampire should be, powerful, blood thirsty, intense, somewhat insane and in complete control.

Castlevania Dracula anime character Alucard allanimemag

Castlevania really gave us two great vampires and with the plot, it really allowed for both variations.


Bram Stoker’s Dracula character, was somewhat inspired by a real historical figure, Vlad the impaler.

Phantom in the Twilight‘s Vlad was brought into their world as Bram Stoker’s one and only Dracula, but over time he has come to refer to himself as Vlad. Considering he should be based on the original Dracula, he is a tad soft but for the anime itself, I still like him as a character.

Do you know of any Dracula anime characters? I would love to learn of more.


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  1. I didn’t liked Castlevania cause for how too violent and gory it was, but I did knew a Canadian voice actor who was in that show which is impressive. He used to be my neighbour in Gatineau, Quebec.

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    1. That is a pretty cool link and story to share about the VA. I however, did enjoy the Gore in Castlevania, but yea gotta agree, it was excessive.


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