Free printable anime calendars 2018!

Click here for 2019’s calendars

As I have been doing for the past few years, I have made various anime calendars and have put them up on the blog so that you may also have an anime calendar for the year ahead.

Due to time constraints I have only planned to do five calendars and have so far completed four. Each year I plan a theme and then never stick to it, however this year I actually stuck with it. The theme is characters which will be quite clear if you see the calendars. Click on the name below to go see the calendar.

All of my calendars are free and have been made and saved with printing in mind. I myself usually print a minimum of two calendars each year. One for work and one for home which is why there is writing space included which I myself find very useful.

As such, I hope you like them and get some good use out of them like I do. I hope you had a really good year and that the upcoming one is even better!

Happy new year guys!

Image result for anime fireworks

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