12 Magnificent Manga Blogs

There is so many manga out there that it can be hard to decide what to spend your time on. The below blogs and their bloggers help you sift through and find the diamonds in the rough.

miss not so sidekick review allanimemag

1 MangaKast – A PodCast of All Things Manga

2 Manga Worth Reading

3 Miss Mousie’s Manga and More

4 The Manga Book Shelf

5 Manga Therapy

6 Two Happy Cats

7 Al’s Manga Blog

8 Completed Manga Review

9 Manga Hunter

10 The Manga Maven

11 All About Manga

12 Manga Bookshelf

Just like with my 17 Awesome Anime Blogs post, I have not said anything about the above-mentioned blogs. Check out the above blogs and give their blog a try. Binge a couple of the posts and discover why I put them on this list.


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