Gyūki is the Eight Tailed Beast

The front half of Gyūki looks like a monstrous bull while the lower half of its body resembles an octopus due to its eight tails looking like tentacles. On top of it’s head are two horns which over time are removed. The lower left half was sliced off permanently by A (Fourth Raikage) and the right one was destroyed by its own point-blank Tailed Beast Ball when fighting the Ten-Tails.

Gyūki has a rough personality, and refers to itself as ore. He comes across as a tough and serious individual. Gyūki has good analytical abilities. In Kumo Gyūki was considered dangerous, wild and violent due to its many rampages.

Its sheer massive size is part of  Gyūki’s ability. He has immense physical strength. It is deceptively fast and is able to strike quickly with its tentacles.  He can produce ink to blind enemies, as well as form ink clones to bind them.

Despite often squabbling with B, Gyūki and got along very well with him, to the point where Gyūki voluntarily gave a piece of himself to B in order to save him. He is not afraid to speak his mind, and often does usually telling Killer B exactly what he is thinking.

Rumored to be the second most powerful tailed beast, it can fire multiple Tailed Beast Balls in quick succession, as well as possessing immense physical strength. Gyūki even manages to push back the ten-tail’s beast ball into itself.

Its chakra recharges extremely quickly.

His tentacles grow back when they are cut off, the discarded bits can also be used as chakra receivers. In line with his octopus like lower half, he can also produce a blinding ink.

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