Past Weeks Obsessions #05

This past week as normal flew by but unlike others, it has been both extra stressful as well as incredibly rewarding. Quite a bit has happened. If you have been keeping up with me on Twitter you might know that my computer has been misbehaving quite badly. It would blue screen on me quite often and then told me it could not locate windows. Cue the panic.

Long story short I am currently listening to awesome music on my new luminous lime green headphones – they are really awesome! Along with that I am chilling with a citrus peel face mask and testing my new PC. I am just nervous about it being a white box. White and I don’t really mix well. So I hope it will be able to remain white for a little while.

So let’s get to why you’re really here, the anime and manga of the week.


This week I was drawn in by Beelzebub. I have read quite a bit of the manga so was curious to see how the anime would compare. In some ways, I prefer the manga and in others, I prefer the anime.

Image result for Beelzebub


Since reading manga has nothing to do with a computer I once again managed to read quite a decent amount.

  • Battle through the heavens Chapter 200
  • Meeting Him chapters 18 & 19
  • The Gamer Chapter 180
  • Seikon no Qwaser – I got as far as chapter 40
  • Siren’s Lament chapter 73
  • Warehouse enjoyed the daily releases while they happened.
  • Namaikizakari chapter 51
  • Fairy Tail – the end is coming too quickly
  • Noblesse Chapter 466, so many emotions, so glad that the truth we all knew was finally revealed adding so much tension.
  • Tea for Two started and finished it.
  • Gravity Eyes as it stands I am on chapter 7 but will probably finish it tonight.

Blog Posts

What is the Point (of anime and blogging)? by Scott over at Mechanical Anime Reviews was an amusing read and I agree with his view on creative ideas.

What Genre is That? by Karandi over on 100 Word Anime, proving that it is hard to define an anime by a single genre.


  • Song: Cry Baby – Melanie Martinez
  • American Avenue Cover ft. Kalie Wolfe of RVLS



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