Best Bleach Movie

There is a total of 4 Bleach movies to choose from. I am not including the live action in my list.

  1. Bleach: Memories of Nobody
  2. Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion
  3. Bleach: Fade to Black
  4. Bleach: The Hell Verse

So which out of these four was the best one? For me personally, it would have to be, Memories of Nobody.

Image result for bleach memories of nobody

While I loved seeing more to Hitsugaya in The DiamondDust Rebellion, the first movie was still better. I enjoyed the ad-hoc relationship between Ichigo and Senna. They really seemed to form a genuine friendship. 

Image result for bleach memories of nobody

The end of this movie was really sad and broke my heart. It is one of those that I count as a sad anime moment as well. The feels at this moment were really sad.

Related image

What was the best Bleach movie for you?


Your thoughts?

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