My Totoro pens arrived!

To say I am excited and happy is an understatement. I waited weeks for these to arrive and the best part is, they came early! I just need to share my joy and thus, here is this post.

Last night I received an SMS to let me know I had a parcel for collection at the post office and that it was an international delivery. I then switched over to the WISH app on my phone and checked out my order history. It was showing that I could expect my order around the 28th only. Yet I remained ever hopeful.


Full disclosure, I have a few things that I am waiting for to be delivered so I was not sure what it could be. So I was really curious and excited. After work I made my way to the post office and waited patiently as the lady went in the back to collect my parcel and then from the shape and size, I knew, one of my most anticipated items had finally arrived.


I am obsessed with Totoro as most who have been around for a while will know. Add that to the fact I collect and horde stationery. I can fully kit about three school kids with my pens, pencils, highlighters, stickers, pencil bags etc… I carefully opened the bag and as I had guessed there was my brand new set of four Totoro pens in all their glory!

Totoro Gel Pens

Yea, I love stationery so these gel pens combined with Totoro were a no brainer buy for myself. It was in my cart before I even read the description. I ignored  their potential of being actual pens. For all I could care, I could use them for purely decorative purposes.

Yet happily these pens write beautifully and have such a great tip. They really glide smoothly and heavenly across the paper. I also like the fact that they have black ink. I am also happy to report that they are refillable which makes them so much better for me.


As for Totoro himself, well, he is made of a flexible plasticy rubber and is glued to the lid. The only thing that I am disappointed in, is the fact that the actual Totoro is not more securely secured to the pen lid. That makes me nervous every time I take off the lid. I am worried I will end up ripping poor Totoro off by accident.

20180614_224713.jpg These have now become my new ‘precious’ and my favourite is the Totoro with the umbrella. That one requires extra guarding as my mother has already expressed her desire to commandeer it since she has a fascination with umbrellas.

These pens are just too cute and I have become instantly obsessed with them and I can not wait to show these off. I also know that I shall not be letting any of my tutor kids be using these.

I am really happy with my new babies!

Taking everything into account I am overly happy especially since this only really cost me R52 for the pens, shipping and ‘handling’ by the post office. I have been known to spend more on a single pen, especially if it is a gel pen.

“Hi, my name is Tessa and a I am stationery junkie”

Now I don’t know if you know of WISH, but if not and you want to try it out, you can get 50% off of your first order if you use the code mpdhdfs, which for full disclosure is a promo code linked to my WISH account. So if you use the code I too will get 50% off of my next order. I figured we could both score (^^,)

Now all that is left is to start enjoying my pens as I wait for the arrival of my next order to arrive.


4 thoughts on “My Totoro pens arrived!

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  1. What good news. 🙂 Congratulations on your new pens.

    I watched My Neighbor Totoro last night.


  2. SO adorable. I used to collect Hello Kitty office and school supplies starting in 2002. My hometown used to have a Sanrio store, but unfortunately, it closed. Now, I have a lot of “vintage” Hello Kitty pencils, sharpeners, diaries, pouches, etc. 🙂

    BTW, gel pens are life. So smooth and sharp. 😀 I’ll definitely check out Wish. Thanks for sharing!


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