I caught up on One Piece

6 August 2018, I had done the impossible. The morning of the 6th, I had just two episodes to go until I reached episode 848 of One Piece. Which at that time, meant that I had actually caught up on the entirety of the anime episodes that had been released.

I am now one of the people who have to wait for the weekly releases and it is such an odd feeling. Even a year on, it still leaves me mind-blown and with a sense of pride.

Although I have fallen behind with the manga (intentionally) I aim to pick it up again come the end of this month.

As of today I am now also officially all caught up with all of the movies for One Piece. I don’t even want to calculate how many hours I have dedicated to this series over all forms of anime, manga, movies, oggling merch and more. All I can say is it is a whole lot of time.

That’s pretty much all I wanted to say really!

Where are you in the whole One Piece saga?


Your thoughts?

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