Back on the go with Pokemon Go

Three years later and here I am back in the swing of things with Pokemon Go. The first time around I was not really able to play the game since my phone couldn’t handle it. However, soon after the initial craze the thrill and excitement of it all died out and many people gave up on the game before it had even officially released in my country.

Yet, recently I noticed a few things going on around me and realised that the game still has a strong following. I am not sure if it is because of the Detective Pikachu movie that recently came out. It seems that the desire and passion for the franchise have been reignited. People are once again cranking out their phones, climbing in their cars and driving ridiculously slow, just to hatch those eggs and of course to catch ’em all.

Since I was last active in the game a lot has changed. You can now send and receive gifts, we are now able to trade pokemon we have caught and for me the best part, we are now able to battle our friends. This interactivity with other players has made the game quite a bit more fun. Especially since my home seems to be a no pokemon zone. No pokemon spawn around me unless I honestly get out of the house and leave my street.

I started a new account mainly because I could not remember my old logins and thanks to the friend system in place, I was lucky enough to zoom through the first 23 levels in roughly 3 days. As I said, lucky. I am now on level 23 and I started playing again on Wednesday.

For now, the only real problem with getting back into the game is my phone battery is not happy. The game devours my battery at an alarming rate. Which on one hand is good since I am limited in how much time I can spend on the game per day. Thus, I am able to still give attention and time to other things as well.

I also need to relearn everything and start paying attention to what will counter what and actually pay attention in the game. I never really played the game for the fighting, I was more in it to catch my fave pokemon and find the cute ones. So actually playing the game properly is a bit different.

This time around I am actively trying to properly play the game. I have friends promising to do trades at Comic-Con Africa which is exciting. I am hoping to use the game as an excuse to be more active and social. So hopefully I shall be able to get around my town more and actually get some exposure to the sun.

Are you playing Pokemon Go?



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  1. I started playing again recently, too. Don’t know anyone else in my town who does though, so I haven’t been able to battle others or trade.

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  2. I might have played Go more, but my cell signal is very weak-to-nonexistent at home, and when I’m out and about, I need the battery to last for what I’m doing and not playing a game. Plus it seems to require a lot of time to do anything besides throw balls. But it was fun from what I’ve played.


  3. Some of my friends still play Go, but I never got into the craze as my mobile is too ancient to run it. You can now battle other people? That’s a cool new feature. It’s good that they are still supporting the title with content, even if the player base dipped a bit.

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    1. I never really got to play the game first time round as my phone kept crashing so I quickly lost interest. I probably would be bored by now if they didn’t have the fight feature, which does keep it more interesting and enjoyable. Like there is a point to collecting the pokemon now (^w^)

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