rAge 2019, a fun weekend

Only two days after ComicCon Africa, it was time to once again grab my mini tripod, my walking shoes and prepare for another long drive and get myself to the TicketPro Dome for the rAge expo of 2019.

Friday 27 September happened to be my 26th birthday and the first day of rAge. Since it was my birthday I managed to talk le boyfriend (my unwilling assistant) into going to the expo with me and we had a really fun day. The floor was quiet enough that we could see everything nicely. Plus we did not need to stand in a long queue to play any game. I also managed to successfully window shop, buy some posters and try out some really creative games.

I wasn’t surprised at the ‘quietness’ of the Friday since Fridays at rAge are usually relatively quiet. For me, it is my favourite day to go. The fact that this year the ‘best’ day also happened to fall on my birthday. The day was made even better as a few us went to Spur and they arranged for Spur’s ‘ice-cream and sparkler’ for me.

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor
THANK YOU ‘FANDOM IS AWESOME‘ , ‘GEEKOSCOPY’ AND ‘THE SA GEEKS‘ for making my day that bit extra special (^w^)

Saturday my feet were sore, my back was sore and I was tired but none of that mattered or rather I tried to pretend it did not. I got to spend some quality time with my brother and some of the cosplayers. The floor was a lot busier than it had been on Friday so I pretty much kept to the outskirts of the circle and walked around avoiding the crowds of people.

One of my fave stalls (The Coool Anime Store – aka my poster dealers) had some figurines for sale and thanks to my poster purchasing on Friday and some extra spendable cash (I am so glad for birthday money) I walked away from rAge with 3 new One Piece figurines.

Sunday I had to skip the day due to family commitments and prior arrangements, unfortunately. However, I did arrange with my brother to take photos on my behalf.

I am upset that I had to miss the final day of rAge and failed to meet up with some friends who had only attended the expo on the Sunday. I am glad that I said my farewells to my fellow content creators, geeks and con friends on Saturday as I most likely won’t see most of them again in person until next year when the next round of conventions begin again.

rAge Expo 2019 allanimemag1
I (barely) survived rAge 2019! Exhausted and in pain but so worth it, I look forward to being back again next year!

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  1. rAge was a lot of fun, but it and CCA really need to do something about being so close together – because didn’t make it through the weekend, basically crashed from exhaustion and stress (socialising is hard) on Saturday afternoon and I didn’t go back on Sunday.

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    1. It was really hard to make it through both events, but I think 2020 they are going to overlap (>.<) Socialising really is hard and really draining. pst Happy BDAY!

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