AYA: 27 November 18

Woke up, climbed out of bed, turn on the light, turn to my bag and the light goes out. The house falls oddly quiet. No hum of electricity and no click of the power board. I have a meeting at 10am and hope the power and internet come back on before then. I slowly go through the morning routine. I feed the animals, shower and have my breakfast. By the time I am done, there is still no electricity. So I quickly rearrange my meeting.

I make my way to the office, sit at my desk and work till the laptop battery dies and I no longer have offline work to do. By this time Jobby is bored.

Long story short – we sort out the electricity, which we are told will come back on later in the day. We then made our way to his university and hope that they will let me in, considering I am not a student there.

I got in no problem and relished walking through the campus as Jobby led the way. I feel I am an obvious tourist when I visit his uni. I gawk and look this way and that. The atmosphere just feels different. I still want to see an actual lecture hall.

Upon discovering that he could not be aided in paying his fees we headed off to Campus Square and spent a few hours going between ABSA and FNB to try and get it all settled. I will just say, I wish what I say is not just blown off sometimes. Turns out, we could have settled everything in a few minutes on a banking app. Frustration at its finest.

Then we went back to UJ where I once again ‘snuck’ in.

Not really. I was let in after the guard understood we were just going to the finance department. The building was really pretty inside. Reminds me of an old-fashioned bank.

We eventually made it back to the house to find that there was still no electricity. If I had been told that I would be spending my day without electricity, driving backwards and forwards and around Joburg and being in multiple ques and waiting in banks, with no battery life, I would have brought a book.

Thankfully the power came back on in the early evening.


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