10 Fun Fairy Tail Facts

I did some digging and put together 10 facts from the anime Fairy Tail that I thought were fun and not widely known. Do you know the facts below or did any of them surprise you? Let me know what is your favourite Fairy Tail fact.


1. When did Fairy Tail Start?


The first chapter of the Fairy Tail manga printed in August 2006 in Shonen Jump magazine. An official English translation was first published in America in March of 2008. The first episode of Fairy Tail aired in Japan, October 2009.

2. Why is Taurus strong?


Hiro Mashima was born on the 3rd of May making him a Taurus. This is why Lucy’s, Zodiac Spirit, Taurus was created as a strong character right from the get-go.

3. Who made Natsu’s scarf and who gave it to him?


Lucy’s ancestor was the one who stitched Natsu’s white scarf using Igneel’s scales. This is why his scarf is so durable. His scarf was also given to him by Igneel which is why Natsu treasures his scarf and is never seen without it. ⠀

4. How often is Gray Fullbuster naked in the Manga?


Gray appears naked in the manga 1008 times in the manga between volumes 1 and 43. He is given 55 different outfits that he wears over this same time period. However, he repeatedly strips them all off repeatedly thanks to his stripping habit. Hiro still admits that Gray’s stripping habit is based on a habit he once had.

5. Which Voice Actor voices multiple characters in Fairy Tail?

Anime Facts Fairy Tail AllAnimeMag Miyuki

Miyuki Sawashiro has been a voice actor (seiyuu) for over a decade. She voices three strong female Fairy Tail characters, Ur, Ultear and Virgo.


6. Where did Mirajane get her name?


The name Mirajane came from Hiro Mashima making a parody of a friend’s online gaming username. He had originally wanted a more Russian sounding name for her character but settled on Mirajane.

7. Will Natsu and Lucy be a couple?


When Hiro Mashima was asked about the chance of Natsu and Lucy becoming an official couple, he answered that if they had a son his name would be Nashi, which is a really clever answer. Natsu and Lucy (pronounced) combined together to make the word Nashi. However, Nashi is also the word for ‘None‘ in Japanese…

Sneaky but a wickedly clever non-answer.

8. Do Natsu and Happy collect items from their missions?


It’s shown that both Natsu and Happy are the sentimental type, collecting souvenirs from each of their adventures. An example of this is Lucy’s maid costume from Garuna Island. The inside of Happy and Natsu’s house is shown in the 4th OVA episode of the anime.

9. Does Igneel have any other children? [Spoiler Warning]


Do not read this if you want to avoid spoilers for the 100 year quest. While Igneel is the foster father of Natsu Dragneel, he does have a biological son named Ignia.

10. Is Irene Belserion really Erza’s mother?


Since Erza was not really planned out before her introduction and had her arc mostly made up on the fly, it is no surprise that the mother and daughter relationship between Erza and Irene was not decided until after her encounter with Acnologia in Chapter 488.


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