My Anime Crushes

I am busy throwing a mini tantrum over here, including foot stomping and lip pouting. How on earth am I supposed to choose an anime crush? I basically have a crush in nearly every anime I watch, yes some of the characters are the cliché and others are the main characters. However I have picked up on a trend of the type of anime characters I have a crush on.  Thus I will list my crushes according to a specific characteristic of the character.



Ice Mage

Uhm I can’t really explain this one but hey I adore them and yes I fan girl for them!



Devoted and loyal


A life altering past


A screw Loose

Main Character



Even after all of all of those characters that I have just mentioned, I still held back and can still name plenty more. These characters just appeal to me, I can not really explain it. I have a crush on all of them. I am hooked on these characters and I don’t think I can just commit to just a single one of them.

How about you? Have I  mentioned any of your crushes? Who is your anime crush?

Thus ends the seventh post for the challenge. To know more about the challenge click here.

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