The “Devil Six”

The “Devil Six” are a group of the highest ranking characters of Black Butler/kuroshitsuji. The rankings were decided by on official character popularity poll of the characters. The poll was to celebrate the 100th serialized chapter. Chapter 105 of the manga only shows the ten most popular characters; the top six characters are regarded as the “Devil Six,” and featured on the chapter’s cover.

The cover

So who all make up the six of the Devil Six?

6 Charles Grey

Image result for black butler Charles Grey

Grey is an outgoing, energetic, and vigorous individual with a knack for engaging in close combat; he finds fighting rather thrilling, and refers to it as “play” at times. He is incredibly shrewd and remarkably loyal to Queen Victoria, and dutifully executes his various tasks.

5 Vincent Phantomhive

Image result for black butler Vincent Phantomhive

Vincent was exceptionally kind, courteous, and chivalrous, as indicated when he noticed that Angelina Dalles was self-conscious of her red hair and made a point to compliment it.He always spared a minute to exchange pleasantries. Additionally, Vincent was highly skilled at manipulating people; he and his acquaintances were known as “Aristocrats of Evil” Vincent had a strong sense of pride in his men, as demonstrated when he defended Blue House as its prefect.

4 Grell Sutcliff

Image result for black butler Grell Sutcliff

Grell is over-the-top, flamboyant, and outspoken—they once toldS ebastian Michaelis their wish to do some “vigorous exercise” with him. They possess a strong predilection for the color red, and believe that substances which reflect that color, such as blood, can be used to achieve beauty. He is a ruthless, bloodthirsty individual who is even willing to kill his own comrades once he loses interest in them. Grell is predisposed to resorting to violence in order to eliminate whoever annoys or hinders them.

3 Undertaker

Image result for black butler Undertaker

Known only by his profession, Undertaker is a mysterious man whose scarred face is rarely fully visible beneath his long hair and crooked top hat. He tends to punctuate his words with sweeping gestures and creepy giggles. Undertaker has great and significant connections with the underworld societies because murder victims from the underworld are often delivered to his place of business. Thus, he has voluminous knowledge in these macabre cases that allows him to be an informant.

2 Ciel Phantomhive

Image result for black butler ciel phantomhive wallpaper

Ciel is an arrogant and shrewd boy, with numerous exalted positions. Ciel is very strict, proud, and accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle. As a result, he has considerable difficulty dressing himself up and doing household chores if left on his own. Ciel is stern with his orders, especially in the assertion of his authority, because he expects his butler, Sebastian Michaelis, to complete them without any shortcomings. Ciel often finds it entertaining to challenge Sebastian in areas of both strength and skill. He and Sebastian frequently work together, and only the latter seems to be fully aware of Ciel’s schemes. Furthermore, Ciel has a relatively cold outlook on life. His main goal is for those who have betrayed the Phantomhive family to experience the same level of humiliation and suffering he did

1 Sebastian Michaelis

Image result for black butler sebastian michaelis wallpaper

Sebastian is a dedicated butler to Ciel Phantomhive and upholds a strong sense of duty to his master and household. He faithfully follows and carries out every one of Ciel’s orders, while ensuring that the Phantomhive household runs smoothly. He does not sleep—for demons deem it as a form of luxury—and thus, he frequently performs tasks for Ciel at night.Sebastian predominantly appears as a courteous and impeccable servant. However, he is, in actuality, callous, heartless, and sadistic; he is ruthless when attacking others on Ciel’s orders, and had, at one point, deliberately delayed saving Ciel for his own amusement. Sebastian usually expresses his diabolic nature through his dark, sarcastic humor and inability to see good in anyone.

Well there you have it, the Devil Six


So what do you think of the “Devil 6”?




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