Anime characters that get under my skin

There is a whole long list of characters that really irritate me, and I am talking teeth pulling, nails on the chalkboard irritate. However I have managed to narrow my long list to a mere two characters that now that I have seen their scenes and know what they say I will gladly just skip past their parts just to save my sanity or if I am watching with someone else who has not yet seen it I shall just simply walk away.


Image result for Soul Eater Excalibur

Oh my word can you get a more annoying and pointless character than Excaliber? I was so excited when they mentioned this famous sword and then we got him. Yea, when he is on I can basically skip minutes at a time and not miss anything worth while. The episodes he appears in I just want to cry and always find myself asking, other to annoy us, what is his purpose in the entire grand scheme of this anime??

Anime: Soul Eater


Image result for Ouran High Host Club Honey

I am not the biggest fan of characters that are overly sweet or innocent to begin with and then came along Honey and that was me done. Even the voice of Honey  gets under my skin. I know he is meant to be a sweet and innocent character, I have read the manga. In the manga he was bearable but the anime just over did it and as a whole I just find him seriously annoying.

Anime: Ouran High Host Club

Now you know my two most annoying characters that get on my nerves, I would really like to know which anime character gets under your skin and earns the title ‘most annoying’. Please let me know in the comments below!

With that ends my twentieth post to the challenge to which I am still hopelessly behind in. If you would like to know more about the challenge click here.


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  1. Well i kinda liked Excalibur(as i enjoy annoying people because I’m a total S) although i do agree honey sucks but totally ignored him as the whole story was very interesting, in my case i hate characters like sasuke(that bitch).

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  2. I see. I loved Honey. He’s so cute. ^^ I like Usopp (saw him in your picture there) but I don’t like Sakura or Sasuke from Naruto. I would say that Sakura would be my pick personally. ^^

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  3. Hinata and Onodera (Nisekoi) get on my nerves so much… I just cannot stand meek characters who don’t have an ounce of personality in them (it seems).
    People complain about deres all the time, but give me those any day.

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  4. Nice post. All I’ve seen about Honey is him being kawaii and cute and adorable and even though I myself find him to be kawaii, it was refreshing to see a different perspective on the character.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Excalibur was hilarious to me.

    I think I’m literally the only person who found him funny. I literally cried with laughter the entire time he was on screen.

    I can see why he’s annoying for most though.

    As for me, it’d probably be most emotionless characters. I find them incredibly dry, overdone and just plain unappealing.

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    1. I love the emotionless characters😂 the first time I saw Excalibur it was funny, after that thou it was just ugh. I’m glad to hear someone found him funny thou👍


  6. Good choices, though I must admit, I love Honey. With that said, I can see how he can test your patience. I personally cannot stand Nui Harime from Kill la Kill.

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      1. It is worth it. The anime does stick close to the manga but they do change some things as is only natural but I preferred the manga this time round.

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      2. I’m only just getting into manga. I recently purchased a few from a dealer at an anime convention I went to a couple weeks ago. Do you have a fave manga series you recommend?

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      3. You are lucky to have gone to an anime convention! I read most of mine on an app. Unfortunately I don’t have a favourite manga series, I enjoy most that I read. What sort of genre do you enjoy? I might be able to put a few recommendations together for you based on your answer 🙂


      4. While I’m open to anything, I tend to veer towards slice of life and romance. So far, the only manga series I’ve read completely is “The Earl and Fairy.” I recently read the first two volumes of “Blackbird” though. I would appreciate any recommendations you have. Can I ask what app you use to read manga on? Btw, this was my second anime con and it was awesome!


  7. I find Luffy’s hyperactive antics in One Piece to be annoying. Shinji’s whining in Evangelion can also test my patience, although if I was in his position I would probably be a lot worse.

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      1. I didn’t like Ussop much either, although he earned some respect from me in the desert arc. Despite being a coward with no powers he did man up to help his friends fight Crocodile’s henchmen.

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