Fairy Tail: Gray’s Trump Card

Chapter 522 was awesome! Some of you called it with what was going to happen and yet it was still epic! This is a chapter analysis so yes there will be spoilers! I would still recommend you read the manga chapter!

So what all happened?
Gray is the first to arrive at Fairy Tail where he meets Zeref. Zeref then goes on to describe a lot of things that have happened to Gray due to his demons. He also explains that he knows every major opponent of his listing a few members of the guild.

“Know they enemy”

To which Gray tries to figure out what is Zeref’s true goal. Which Zeref tells him but Gray does not believe him. Both of them get ready to fight. Zeref plans to use Gray’s death as a catalyst to release Natsu’s full potential. Gray fights Zeref without the intent to kill him, but to rather capture him in an upgraded version of Iced Shell, Lost Iced Shell. It will still take his life, but it would also erase all memories of him from the world. So it would be like he never existed.
August and Guildarts are still fighting and Cana joins in. August learns that Cana is Guildart’s daughter.


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