Most pointless Bleach episode

It breaks me to say this, but a lot of the episodes are pointless and at times downright painful to watch. To the point where I had to a post on how to watch Bleach without any fillers. Which if you are interested you can read here.

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For this post, I am not going to include the filler arcs but focus my attention on the actual fillers. To me, the most pointless episode was when the characters suddenly went to the Beach and the Halloween themed filler.

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I will never forget the ‘boob-buckets’ scene, in the beach filler. I watched it when I was 16 and now I am 23 and it is still with me, burned into my mind and clear as day. Do you remember the boob buckets?

What was the most pointless episode for you?


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  1. I don’t watch long running shows because the non-stop filler wears me down. I’m okay with beach episodes. One thing I cannot stand are recaps that are made up of old clips.

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