AFAF: One Piece

As you know this week’s theme for Anime Fan Art Friday is One Piece and it was the very first time that I had asked you to submit some of your fan art pieces that you have drawn. Thanks for submitting your fan arts I really enjoyed them! You guys are superstars and really made my week as they came in.

Here are your fan arts from One Piece!


  • by Callan Wyness


Luffy and Sanji

  • by Eddy Maleho
  • Can find him on Facebook here.



  • by Nadine Nakes Johannes
  • Can find her on Instagram here.


Below are a few of my favourite fan arts from One Piece!

One Piece: Trafalgar Law

One Piece: Trafalgar Law by sakonma

One Piece: Once

  • by  sweetlittlekitty
  • Source

One Piece: Once by sweetlittlekitty

Now that you have seen some of my favourite One Piece fan arts I would love to see some of yours. Please share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram tag @AllAnimeMag or use the #AnimeFanArtFriday so that I can see them and share them too! (^^,)

I am looking forward to the fan art submitted for next week’s Anime Fan Art Friday which theme is Blue Exorcist!


Your thoughts?

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