AFAF: Couples

With Wednesday being Valentine’s day it just made sense that this week’s Anime Fan Art Friday theme should be anime couples. Whether they are official couples or just ‘ships’ and no matter the genre, they were all welcome. Each week just reconfirms that there are really talented people out there!

So without further delay…

Here is your submitted fan art for Anime Couples!

Nana x Ren

  • By Simone’ Bruger
  • You can find her on Instagram here


Renton and Eureka from Eureka Seven

  • By Frikkie Jvr


Below are a few of my favourite fan arts for Anime Couples!

Yuri On Ice

Yuri On Ice by Ruri-dere

Finally reached the top

Finally reached the top by Lulu2222

Usui and Misaki

Usui and Misaki by Fleeting-Life


Bond by neko-niki


citrus by katita-chan

Now that you have seen some of my favourite anime couple fan arts I would love to see some of yours. Please share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag me (@AllAnimeMag) or use the #AnimeFanArtFriday so that I can see them and share them too! (^^,)

I am looking forward to the fan art submitted for next week’s Anime Fan Art Friday. The theme for next Friday is Full Metal Alchemist!


Your thoughts?

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