52 Anime in 52 Weeks: June

I was hoping that June would be a better month for my 52 anime in 52 weeks challenge as well as provide more stability than the disaster of May. The start of June did not. It carried on the heartache. I had to say farewell to my dog after 15 years of companionship. I am grateful that I got to spend so much time with him and that he had lived a good long life. I am just sad that we had to say goodbye due to kidney failure.

I then spent the end of June and beginning of July on my mother-in-law’s farm, where watching anything was a challenge in and of itself. I also put in the effort to really catch up to where I should be with my Detective Conan 7-month challenge. However, I am glad to say that I managed to watch seven anime during the month of June for my 52 anime in 52 weeks challenge. Since I had skipped out during the entirety of March, which put me four anime behind. Catching up has been a challenge, and I am so close to being all caught up. I also managed to start and finish some of the spring anime season titles. I am deciding whether I should include those or not for this challenge. Although, saying that, I have already included one for my June weeks. 

Week 22: 1st June – 7th June

Hitsugi no Chaika Avenging Battle (Chaika The Coffin Princess)

Chaika The Coffin Princess is one of those anime where I fail to get to watching season two and completing the series for one reason or another. I finally managed to watch season two after rewatching season one. I am so glad that I know how the series ends. It has been on my mind for years. I am not sure why it took me so long to eventually complete it. Hitsugi no Chaika is an anime that I genuinely enjoy – I have rewatched season one over five times. The series wraps up nicely, but some of the information is communicated poorly. The ending has some plot aspects that were rushed, and I wish we had an extra episode or two just to pace those parts better, but there was not enough to allow for that. Overall, season two will be added to the rewatch list, along with season one. 

Week 23: 8th June – 14th June

Anime 1: Emma: A Victorian Romance

Emma A Victorian Romance (Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma)

I was in the mood for a romance, so I decided to finally take on the two seasons of Emma: A Victorian Romance. Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma has been on my to-watch list for years. I started watching this on the 13th. So I had two days to complete this period piece for it to be a successful addition to this challenge.  I am so glad that I took on this romantic anime. The intricate relationships and the way it all played out were so much fun to watch and made it incredibly easy to breeze through both seasons. 

Anime 2: After the Rain

Raining Tears (After the Rain)

He is a 45-year-old divorcee with a kid; she is a 17-year-old in high school. I had my concerns. I am so happy that those concerns did not materialise. I was really worried about this when I realised what was going on. There are quite a few messages in this series that I was not expecting. The depth this had at times was nice to see. I also enjoyed the moments where the anime would make Tachibana look so pretty and expressive. Those moments made me remember Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke. I appreciated that. I enjoyed the pacing, the complexities, and the characters in this. I want more people to watch it so we can discuss it.

Week 24: 15th June – 21st June

My Bride is a Mermaid (Seto no Hanayome)

My Bride is a Mermaid. I wish I had watched this years ago. Why had someone not recommended this to me? It was so much fun to watch, and I kind of wish I had watched it before GrandBlue. They have similar vibes. The series is insane and the plot makes me question my sanity. The family motto is so bad and every time it is said, I cringe. I enjoyed watching the chaos as the main characters slowly developed feelings for each other. I want to rewatch this with the subbed version to see how different it is from the dub. 

Week 25: 22nd June – 28th June

Anime 1:  Chivalry of a Failed Knight

I tried to watch Chivalry of a Failed Knight back in 2018. However, for one reason or another, I never completed it. So I figured it was about time I gave it a fair chance. I decided to watch it from start to finish. Parts of this made me laugh, and others made me cringe. The sister was not a character I enjoyed. I liked watching the action scenes, they were fun. The series was somewhat predictable. I can see why I failed to complete this back in 2018. I probably will not rewatch this anime. Especially since I have all of the screenshots I need. I can honestly say, this one is not for me.

Anime 2: Vampire in the Garden

I watched Vampire in the Garden knowing that it would be a quick anime to get through. Since I want to catch up to where I should be in this challenge. I did not know what to expect when I started this and I am glad I went in blind. This did not go the way I had anticipated nor expected it to. For that I am happy – but that ending was not. I can say that this series suits having just six episodes.

Week 26: 29th June – 5th July

Chi's Sweet Home

Very few anime have made me smile and laugh as much as Chi’s Sweet Home has. As an avid cat lover and a person who has owned cats and snuck a kitty into the house, I can relate so much to this anime. It is so on point with so many aspects that it is incredible to watch. Watching this has really made me wish I had a kitten or ten of my own right now. I really, really want to get kittens now – but can’t. The short episodes are good but also suck. I want longer episodes and I wish this one never ended. The adults in this are stupid- continuously ask what they can do since Chi is now part of their family. It is obvious, move. Or maybe that is only obvious to us animal lovers? The black cat was such a bad influence on Chi but also a really good buddy. I was sad to see him move away. I was also sad at the separation from Chi’s mom at the beginning and the forgetting of her mom. This anime was over way too quickly, I need more.

Musings on the 52 anime in 52 weeks anime challenge:

I am finally only one anime behind on the challenge. Yay! Slowly making progress towards 

The last half of the challenge has officially started, which for me is really exciting. The month of June feels like it was really long ago. The past few months have been really long and drawn out. Now we are in the second half of the year and the second half of the challenge, so I know it is going to fly by. 

I have scrapped my initial planned anime for this anime and am now watching whichever anime catches my eye. This is both working and failing me. Every Tuesday sneaks up on me every week and I find I then rush to finish my anime for that week. I have failed at planning my time efficiently. I am working to improve my time management skills this July. Although, saying that, I have yet to start on my next anime for this challenge. 

Are you joining me in my 52 anime 52 weeks challenge? How is it going for you? I am following the #52anime52 tag on Facebook, TwitterTikTokInstagramPinterest and Gettr, if you would like to share your journey with me and others.

Completion: 25/52 (48.07% completed)


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  1. Yay, congrats on making strides to catch up! I would join you for a 52/52 challenge, but I’m a bit to fickle with anime to actually complete it! Maybe that will be my goal next year, pledge to finish every anime I start even if I don’t immediately like it! You mentioned that more people should watch After The Rain, I was wondering what that anime is about? I’ve never heard the title before. Looking at the screen shot, it looks a bit like a mystery or maybe a drama. A dramatic mystery? Is that right?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. After the Rain starts off as if it going to be a romance but then turns into an acceptance of self anime with an open ending (^w^) I would love if you would join me – this started as a way for me to clear through my to-watch-list and the anime I have. It has both worked and failed in that regard. I still drop an anime if it rubs me the wrong way and then switch to a new anime for the challenge. I plan to continue on with this challenge next year as well 😀

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