AYA: 5 December 2017

I am busy house sitting at the house that holds the office where I work. So I was able to literally roll out of bed let the dogs out, shower, feed the cat and dogs and with wet hair sit down at my desk and start working. Later I walked through and kicked the boyfriend’s butt out of bed and sent him to the shops to get us food so that we don’t starve as I returned to work.

Currently all I can see of him is the top of his head above his computer screen as he plays Fortnite with random people and I whip out a couple blog posts while contemplating the work I need to get done before the boss gets back and the work that needs to be done before we close for our December break. So feeling a little stressed.

It is 6pm and I have still not brushed my hair and the sky has been a dull grey all day and I have had Kpop going on in the background. I have devoured a packet of cheese curls on my own and not one of the small ones either. I am wearing a hoodie I have liberated from my other half and my feet are freezing.

I have not exercised properly in ages and a comment the boyfriend said, I shall call him Jobby, is knocking around my brain distracting me along with a lot of other things.  He promised that after his exams finished for this year he would start exercising, his exams ended 27 November and nothing has happened. Although, since I myself have not done anything, who am I to complain?

He said since it is the 5th December it is too late for him to start his 30-day challenge. Forget the fact that he has not even decided on a challenge to do. This seems to have stuck with me. I find that I tend to say, Monday, a new week a new start, or I’ll go the 1st I shall begin, or even better yet, I’ll plan it today and start tomorrow. I have no idea how long I have said that and yet my tomorrow has yet to arrive.

Today, I shall attempt a turn for the better and make an active change. I have been contemplating these A Year Ago posts for a couple months now and have decided to move forward with them. This is mainly so that I can look back and see what I have done and what I have not done.

  • Today: Tuesday
  • Goal: Exercise for 10/15 minutes
  • Current Weight: 61.7 Kg
  • By this day 2018 I want to have at least achieved: Exercising four times a week

So I decided I shall get off my butt, get changed into the exercise clothes I had diligently packed and not touched and do my exercise during an episode of One Piece, my current anime for my 5 a day challenge.

At least I eventually brushed my hair today. Even after deciding to exercise before I knew it, it was already 9pm by the time I looked at the clock again. So I readied myself for exercise and was stumped. What exercise was I going to do? So I did not exercise but instead just spent time stretching. I also got Jobby to help me and I realised I am really stiff and probably need to stretch more often as my stretch session was harder and more painful than it should probably have been.

Here is a bit of inspo I found for myself on Instagram:



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  1. November is a weird time to declare that he is going to start exercising. I like to wait until January to announce that I will work out this year… before giving up haha. Good luck with clearing the work backlog. It won’t be easy when you have the temptation of video games within earshot.

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