My Least Liked Arc and Saga of One Piece Are Basic Picks [14/30]

Going by yesterday’s question, there is no surprise that todays is asking which story arc of One Piece did is disliked. With the enormous amount of episodes and chapters that the series has, it is not surprising that not every arc or saga is liked, or particularly enjoyed. That does not mean they were bad, just not to our liking.

This is day fourteen and the 14th question of my 30 One Piece Questions.


The 9 One Piece Sagas

  1. East Blue Saga
  2. Arabasta Saga
  3. Sky Island Saga
  4. Water 7 Saga
  5. Thriller Bark Saga
  6. Summit War Saga
  7. Fish-Man Island Saga
  8. Dressrosa Saga
  9. Four Emperors Saga

31 One Piece Arcs

  1. Romance Dawn Arc
  2. Orange Town Arc
  3. Syrup Village Arc
  4. Baratie Arc
  5. Arlong Park Arc
  6. Loguetown Arc
  7. Reverse Mountain Arc
  8. Whisky Peak Arc
  9. Little Garden Arc
  10. Drum Island Arc
  11. Arabasta Arc
  12. Jaya Arc
  13. Skypiea Arc
  14. Long Ring Long Land Arc
  15. Water 7 Arc
  16. Enies Lobby Arc
  17. Post-Enies Lobby Arc
  18. Thriller Bark Arc
  19. Sabaody Archipelago Arc
  20. Amazon Lily Arc
  21. Impel Down Arc
  22. Marineford Arc
  23. Post-War Arc
  24. Return to Sabaody Arc
  25. Fish-Man Island Arc
  26. Punk Hazard Arc
  27. Dressrosa Arc
  28. Zou Arc
  29. Whole Cake Island Arc
  30. Levely Arc
  31. Wano Country Arc

Least liked One Piece story arc: Whisky Peak Arc


Least liked saga of the series: Thriller Bark Saga


Which are your least liked story arc and saga in One Piece?

All my answers for the One Piece 30 Anime Questions here

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Your thoughts?

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