Resolutions 2019

At the end of 2015, I put together a few resolutions for 2016. I decided to do so once again for 2019. While going over 2016’s I realised I had actually managed to build quite a few of them into my everyday lifestyle now. I managed to completely do 4 of the 6 I had set.

This year I have 9 resolutions that can be further divided into subcategories and have ‘mini-achievements’.  They are:

Anime Resos:

1. Watch 5 episodes of an older anime every day.

I started with this when I decided to really catch up on One Piece and it has stuck. It has really helped me to watch and slowly catch up on older long-running series that I dreaded starting. They have now been broken down into manageable chunks that I can methodically work through while still leaving time for me to watch other series as well.

2. Keep up with the new releases. 

With proper access to the internet, I can now actually and properly attempt to watch weekly releases and enjoy them. I just need to find a way to share screenshots without being too spoiler for those who have not had the chance to see it yet while still sharing the epic moments.

Manga Resos:

1. Read the manga (if available) for my favourite anime series

I am a fast reader and I devour manga. I am always on the lookout for something new, but I think it is time that I take a step back and start really exploring and reading the source material for a lot of my favourite anime. Plus a lot of my fave anime didn’t get a next season so I can finally finish their story.

2. Only read in the afternoons and evenings

When I start my day reading, that’s all I want to do for the day. My mindset for the day ahead is then focused on what I had been reading and as a result, my productivity suffers.

Blog Resos:

1. Upload one video a month on YouTube

I have a YouTube account, so I figured I should probably start making actual use of the account. As such, I decided one video per month should be a doable and attainable goal.

2. Have at least one post per week.

I have various posts scheduled to go up throughout the year, but I really want to get at least one anime or manga dedicated post up per week. 2018 I both struggled and succeeded with this on my blog. 2019 I aim to be more consistent. I am aiming for consistency.

Personal Resos:

1. Exercise every second day

This is going to be really hard for me. Out of all of my resos for 2019 this is the one I am bracing myself for. This is the one I will have to consciously push myself to do. During the break, this is normally easier for me to do, but once the year starts, my time becomes limited. I tutor 2 or 3 times a week and this usually throws my routine out the window. While I usually tutor Monday’s and Wednesdays it is amazing how often that is not set in stone. So I can also find myself tutoring Thursdays and Saturdays as well as Tuesdays. Especially during the exam times.

2. Manage my time efficiently 

I have a lot on my plate and as such a lot tends to fall through the cracks. I have dubbed 2019 as my micromanagement year. There are only 24 hours in a day and I want to spend at least 8 of those asleep and usually, another 8 of those are spent at work and an average of an hour in traffic. That leaves 7 hours for everything else from cooking supper, tutoring, reading, writing, anime and exercising.  Yeah, I need to find a cohesive and doable routine for my year ahead.

3. Get halfway with my book

I have been working on my book for years now. I finally completed the first draft and in the second round, I managed to turn the first 2 chapters into 10. I am really fleshing out the story and I have been itching to work on it for ages but I keep getting distracted or when I have the time, I find excuses. No more of that in 2019!

I honestly aim to reclaim my time and plan to reassess and evaluate this coming year. I am basically ‘scrapping’ the year to get back on my feet without actually writing the year off. I do have a few plans and new things in the works but for that to actually work and take off, I need to first reclaim my time and find what I really want to do and achieve.

Are you setting any resos for 2019?


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  1. That’s a good list of things to work towards. I’ve been watching one episode of One Piece a day for almost a year now. It lets me keep up with the new shows while catching up on the older ones.

    I tend to set myself challenges for the year, although I’ve not finalized those yet. Better get on it.

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