Bleach: Death & Strawberry

That’s right, I am hopping all the way back to the very beginning of it all! Chapter one of the epicness we know as Bleach. So here we are, I shall be having a quick look at each chapter and sometimes compare it to the anime counterpart. However, on the whole, it will be a simple walkthrough of what is happening in each chapter.

We learn that the story is happening in Karakura Town and get a quick look at a mysterious chick who can sense some strong ‘spiritual energy’.

Next thing we know there is a fight between some guys and get introduced to the main character, Ichigo Kurosaki.

We get a little more background details and setting, like learning that his family runs the local clinic and that Ichigo had been born with his ability to see ghosts. This is followed quickly with a fast introduction into his home life where his dad physically attacks him for being late for dinner. We meet his two younger sisters, Yuzu and Karin. I seriously question Karin’s look on life.

The existence of soul reapers is introduced to us as an unknown woman appears out of seemingly nowhere in Ichigo’s bedroom. It appears that while Ichigo can see her, no one else can. Love how his brain connects the dots and comes to the conclusion she is a thief. This is then followed by our first look at an unknown creature, also sensing spirit energy.

Sadly, the ghost girl we meet does not make it out ‘alive‘ in the manga, like she does in the anime. We manage to get a nice, quick simple introduction to the world of souls and what types there are.

As per the norm of shounen styled manga, our main character Ichigo’s beginning level is OP as fudge and through a series of unfortunate events, his OP level goes up.

We finally get introduced to the mystery woman and Ichigo surprisingly survives the ‘deadly odds’ of becoming a soul reaper. He somehow manages to take all of Rukia’s soul reaper powers and gets a massive sword and a snazzy new outfit. This allows him to defeat the hollow and save his family.

With the end of the chapter, Ichigo’s occupation changes to include soul reaper. Gosh, quite a lot had actually happened in this chapter!

First proper Bleach censoring:

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