Bleach: Binda Blinda

Gosh, where has my Friday gone? I realised I almost failed to get to today’s breakdown chapter of Bleach! First note, what is with this chapter name? Today’s chapter is an emotional one and also the first time one of my favourite quotes from Ichigo is said. So without further delay, here is the chapter 5 review/recap!

We start off with an overview scene where everyone is briefly paused since the initial arrival of Ichigo from the previous chapter. Ichigo does a quick analysis and gets a quick headcount in. He quickly realises there is one person too many for the situation.

Ichigo panics at realising that Orihime can see him. He gets a ‘flashback’ to when Rukia informed him that normal people can not see him. Back to the present and the snake-like hollow that is Orihime’s brother drops the shocking bomb that she is a spirit and that she is dead!

This revelation ticks Ichigo off and he quickly realises he can not cut the hollow’s scales. Struggling to fight back, Ichigo is not doing to great. I was really charmed at the way Orihime actually tries to get to the injured Ichigo. However, she is stopped and is shocked to learn that the hollow is her brother Sora!Β We learn that Sora has taken personal insult from Ichigo and Tatsuki because he feels that they were taking Orihime away from him and taking his place in her heart.

We get a couple pages of the brother telling us his heartbreaking bit and revealing that Ichigo is pretty much the only thing on her mind at the moment. This touching story gives Ichigo time to get back on his feet and back in the game. It really was the breather he needed. Plus the fact that the older bro wants to eat his lil sis (cannibalistic familicide, thanks Silver-Back) has given Ichigo that last push and motivated him to get serious as well as prompts Ichigo to say one of my ultimate quotes.

The chapter wraps up with Sora yelling to Ichigo demanding an answer to all the unfairness that he is feeling.

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