Bulat, a Charming Assassin

This post is a simple and look at who Bulat was as a character in the anime, Akame Ga Kill. I have kept the character description as spoiler-free as I could. 

  • Name: Bulat
  • Teigu: Incursio
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Team: Night Raid
  • Age: mid 20’s
  • Anime: Akame Ga Kill



Bulat is tall and muscular with blue eyes and black hair. He usually keeps his hair in a combed up, heart-shaped pompadour. Before joining Night Raid, Bulat would wear his hair down. When he is not wearing his Incursio, he wears a black shirt with green shoulders, chest armour and white pants with a green belt and black boots. He also occasionally wears a black leather jacket on top of his usual outfit.



Bulat has a calm and kind personality He personally referred to himself as being passionate and hot-blooded but he never actually lost his cool in battle. He’s among the most compassionate members of the Night Raid.  Bulat taught Tatsumi to embrace these emotions but not to let them consume him. He may or may not be gay. When Leone informed Tatsumi that Bulat was gay, he did not deny her statement. Bulat often flirted with Tatsumi.

Strengths & Weaknesses


He is arguably the strongest member of Night Raid. His strength was greatly praised by the likes of Liver and was even given special attention by Esdeath herself. He is extremely skilled in both the sword and spear. Having mastered the skill to take awareness of his surroundings he was able to deal with three powerful enemies at the same time with little difficulty. Bulat’s strength and endurance are immense, enough to withstand consistent powerful attacks from Liver’s Teigu, and was still physically tough enough to best Liver in a sword fight.

Bulat wielded Incursio, an armour Teigu that changes form depending on the person using it. When activated, the armour has a special ability to turn the user invisible for a limited time, having mastered the Incursio to its limits as he was able to call on the Armor without the use of its key as well as being able to use its invisibility for long periods of time.

Bulat is Voiced by:

  • Katsuyuki Konishi in the original Japanese (subbed) version
  • David Wald in the English (dubbed) version


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