4 Things That I Like About One Piece [24/30]

As one of the first few questions, I answered the question of why I think people should watch One Piece, but that did not cover what I personally like about the series. There are a few reasons why I personally like and enjoy One Piece. Here I shall discuss four of my core reasons for liking the series.

Here is the twenty fourth day and the 24th question of my 30 One Piece Questions.


1. Adventure

There is so much creativity in One Piece that it is always an adventure. With new chapters and episodes, you do not know what to expect next. While some overriding themes keep repeating themselves, you can never predict exactly how everything will unfold. Nor do you know what the next island will hold or look like. Re-watching and re-reading the series also reveals new and fun aspects. For One Piece, I really like this adventurous aspect. Oda really explores and expresses his creativity, and I love it.


2. Characters

The series has given me characters that I have genuinely come to care about. It is thanks to these characters that I come back to the series after each break. I want to know what happens to them. I am not too phased, nor curious about what the One Piece could be, I just want to laugh and cry along with my select favourite characters.

3. Story

I mentioned in point 1 that I enjoy the creativity of the series. However, it is not just the creativity. I adore that even though One Piece has a lot going on with characters, interlinking plots, and such, overall, One Piece is a simple watch and read. You do not need to pour too much mental energy in it to understand or follow along. I appreciate that fact, especially after a long day of work or even while I have it playing on my secondary monitor.

4. The Journey

While putting this post together and jotting down points that I enjoy I had a certain thought that makes me glad I am part of the journey. A big part of the One Piece journey is the mystery of what the One Piece could be. Yes, I said I am not too phased with knowing, but this is different.

I am glad that I am part of the One Piece journey with the Straw Hats and friends before the One Piece is revealed. Not knowing is part of the experience. Which leads to my question, would One Piece be able to be enjoyed this way and as intended once this core mystery is revealed?


Once the One Piece is revealed, there will be no escaping from the spoilers if you are part of any online anime community. I also question whether people will really start the series anymore for the full journey. Also, if they have the answers, will they be able to enjoy the series in the same way that we are currently enjoying it?

I want to point out that I also look forward to going through the series again once One Piece is completed. That way, I can play ‘connect-the-dot’ as I go along. Which means I get to go on another journey through the series.

What do you like about One Piece?

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