My Favourite One Piece Game to Play Is…[30/30]

Choosing which is my favourite One Piece game to play was a bit of a trick question for myself. Namely because my experience with One Piece games is limited to two games. One of which, is not a One Piece game, but has One Piece as part of the game.

One Piece has a variety of games on offer like:

  1. One Piece: Grand Battle!
  2. One Piece: Unlimited
  3. One Piece: Pirate Warriors
  4. One Piece: Become the Pirate King!
  5. One Piece: Birth of Luffy’s Dream Pirate Crew!
  6. One Piece: Set Sail Pirate Crew!
  7. One Piece: Legend of the Rainbow Island
  8. One Piece: Treasure Wars
  9. One Piece: Grand Line Dream Adventure Log
  10. One Piece: Treasure Battle!
  11. One Piece: Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands
  12. One Piece: Aim! The King of Berry
  13. One Piece: Ocean’s Dream!
  14. One Piece: Chopper’s Big Adventure
  15. One Piece: Going Baseball
  16. One Piece: Round the Land
  17. One Piece: Dragon Dream
  18. One Piece
  19. Fighting for One Piece
  20. One Piece: Pirates’ Carnival
  21. One Piece: Grand Adventure
  22. One Piece: Gear Spirit
  23. One Piece: Gigant Battle!
  24. One Piece: Romance Dawn
  25. One Piece: Burning Blood
  26. One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum
  27. One Piece Grand Cruise
  28. One Piece: World Seeker
  29. One Piece Treasure Cruise
  30. One Piece Sett Sail
  31. One Piece: The Road of the Strong
  32. One Piece Thousand Storm
  33. One Piece Bounty Rush
  34. One Piece: Burning Will
  35. One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!
  36. One Piece: The Voyage / One Piece Fighting Path

Of these 36 One Piece games I have played one, One Piece Treasure Cruise (available here on Google Play). I played it on my phone. The next game I have played that featured One Piece is Jump Force where I use my controller to play on my computer.

Here is the final day and final post of my 30 One Piece Questions series.


Jump Force is my preferred One Piece game

I prefer Jump Force simply because I like button masher games where you do not really need to be good at gaming in order to play. I also prefer to play a game on my computer compared to my phone. When it comes to mobile games, I like and often abuse the auto feature.

The fighting styles and voices of the characters are also really pleasant and satisfying while playing. The game has my favourite characters and lets me utilise them how I want. I really get a kick out of how Sanji is useless on your team when a female opponent comes up but it is an asset if it is the other way around. I also enjoy the antics when Boa in on the scene. When Sabo really picks up steam or Law uses his abilities I always smile. Zoro is a classic to watch. Overall, I just enjoy playing with the characters and seeing what they can do.

The 7 characters from One Piece in Jump Force

My favourite character to play with…

I would love to have said that my favourite character to play with is Sanji. However, because of his chivalrous nature (which I adore and support) it can be frustrating to have him on the team if you do not know who you are battling against and there is a female opponent. Thus, Luffy is actually my favourite character to use from the One Piece character batch. I love how Luffy’s special moves can really up the hit count and damage while does not take much to use the strong and unique abilities.

Which is your favourite One Piece Game to play?

All my answers for the One Piece 30 Anime Questions and my series wrap up here

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