Favourite Anime Couple

GajeelXLevy instantly springs to mind along with NatsuXLucy, YatoXHiyori, RyukoXAikuro and so many more. However if I start on couples that are not official this post will never end. Thus I will pick my favourite couple out of those that are officially together. So that has shortened my list, drastically. Then I took away all the romance anime in that list and choosing my favourite couple became easy.


If you have not watched Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood yet read at your own risk because SPOILERS AHEAD! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

My favourite couple comes from Full Metal Alchemist. Edward and Winry ❤️ are such a good couple in multiple ways. They have been together since they were young children and supported each other as they grew. It was great to watch their feelings develop for one another and how they relied on each other.

Plus Edward’s proposal was so sweet and suited the pair of them really well.

Now you know my favourite official anime couple. How about you? Who is your fav anime couple? I would really love to know!

Thus ends the eighth post for the challenge. To know more about the challenge click here.


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      1. Yeah! It wasn’t the cliche “I love you and you will marry me” saying. Edward confessed on what he knew. That’s why Edward is cool and amazing. XD


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