The First 5 – Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi

As soon as I saw Jeanne d’Arc as part of the title, I added this anime to my watch list for this season. I did so before even reading the synopsis. Then I read the synopsis and the idea of mixing magic in as well as Nicolas Flamel had me intrigued. What can I say, I enjoy history.

Episode 1

Instant clarification that France and England are at war and France is losing cities. It was also shown that the two are Christian countries. It would seem that the main character, Montmorency, has a ‘not quite harem’ of girls all interested in him. A hunt for fairies goes horribly wrong. A friend going off to war sends our MC on a hunt for immortality. Things go south on the battlefield and our MC summons, the fairy queen. A seven-year time skip.

Episode 2

We finally meet Jeanne. Montmorency messes up with the elixir. An attack announcement and an exchange for protection are discussed. Montmorency is now able to swallow the Philosopher’s Stone. A discussion over who should be the guinea pig for the Philosophers stone and the death of many fairies and people. To save Jeanne, she is given half of the philosopher’s stone and kicks butt. Only she has a screw loose.

Episode 3

The start of a rumour. Montmorency got himself a little sister and she seems to be addicted to the elixir that he creates. Jeanne’s time limit has been exposed. Montmorency continues his scheming and gets abducted.  A sudden reunion. A deeply seeded plot and some catch-up. A cool indoor fight, followed by a few threats.

Episode 4

Bribery and threats start off the episode. Followed by a political plan revealed. A last-minute rescue and a bad apology. A last-ditch standoff for the philosophers stone. An explanation for why the elixir has to be given mouth to mouth is given. More promises are made. A rejected proposal halts the end of the war. Jeanne gets knighted.

Episode 5

Short on troops, looking for aid. Walking in on an awkward scene. Things seem suspicious and I don’t trust the individual people. Looks like I was right, a spiked drink and handsy creeps. Yet, there was some unexpected aid. Wait, what, a virginity test?! People are turning against the royal family. Harsh words are said between friends. Allies are dropping like flies. A dramatic move and knights starting to assemble.

Will I be sticking with it or dropping it? I will continue with the season. I find the story interesting and I want to see how it will all come together.

What are your thoughts on Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi?


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