Properly Starting Detective Conan

The first time I ever watched an episode of Detective Conan was a few years ago, on my Mother-in-Law’s Netflix account. I have no idea which season it was, all I can remember from it was that a police officer was pregnant and there was no dub. So I switched to another show that le fiance and I could watch together. The anime did get put on my to-watch-list but never went any further.

Last year I decided, due to it being such a long runner, I should probably make the effort. I watched the first few episodes of season one and quickly realised my Netflix episode was not the right place to start. It also made a lot more sense. I also realised I was not in the mood to start this long-runner, nor did I have the time to really get into it. So I decided to take my One Piece approach and watch this in increments of 5 episodes at a time and clear Detective Conan or Case Closed.


I then did the math to see how long this series would take for me to catch up.


Starting the year off with 1032 episodes, I divided that up by 5. That gave me 207 as the number of days it would take me to watch the current number of episodes. I then divided that up by 7 to get my total 30 weeks of watch time. I then added 30 to the 1032 episode number to account for the weekly releases. This brought it to 1062 episodes roughly. I then repeated the above math process and came to the realisation, to completely catch up on Detective Conan will take me 7 months.

Here’s to a 7-month journey! Wish me luck, I have already fallen behind on my daily quota.

Detective-Conan-S01E01-Roller-Coaster-Murder-Case (2)

Your thoughts?

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