5 Episode Rule, World of Leadale Impressions

cis an anime where I was not sure what to expect. The synopsis had not told me much. It only indicated that this would be an isekai into a gaming world. So far there have been a few surprises and unexpected moves. I was not expecting the number of characters nor the overall feel of this. I was expecting more of the adventure to come through.

  • Lighting: A brightly put together anime
  • Pacing: Slow feeling but a lot happens
  • Characters: Fun to watch
  • Action: Decent considering the overall tone of the anime
  • Animation: Smooth
  • Sound: Good – matches well and does not distract or pull you out of the series
  • Magic: Main character is clearly over powered but the magic has not really been explained.


I have given quick impressions for each of the 5 episodes while keeping it as spoiler-free as possible.

Episode 1 of Leadale


I am surprised that there was not a proper reveal or set-up as to how the main character had woken up in the game world, Leadale. The matter of her isekai-ing was brushed over really quickly. We also had a lot of information thrown at us without too much detail. Episode one seems to say, this is the setting, let’s move on to the story. We learn she has 3 children in-game so now she has them in her isekai. 200 years seem to have gone by, compared to when she last logged in. Her money is worth a lot more than it had been and countries have merged. She is also well known in the current time, or at least the name of her character. Overall, the main character seems pretty relaxed, considering the fact that she has probably died.

Episode 2

Leadale no Daichi nite - 02 (In the Land of Leadale)

The episode seemed to focus on getting the ‘paperwork’ done. Basically registering at the guild, leaving the starting town and connecting with characters she knows as well as making well-connected connections. Meeting her children was rather interesting. I adore the relationship she has with her Dwarf son. I also like her way of acknowledging without acknowledging when she figures things out but does not want to be involved.

Episode 3 of Leadale no Daichi nite

Yay new characters and interaction with her daughter and sudden son-in-law. Her daughter has an interesting personality. I was surprised, but not, at her lack of teaching ability and lack of interest in doing it. All I know is, I want her gardening skills. I would not have to worry so much about my plants. The way that Cerberus kept drooling on the kid and she did not stop him had me giggling. Her children’s love for her is brilliant to watch and I adore them. The information she realises in this episode is a lot for our main character to come to terms with.

Episode 4


Cayna isolating herself after the realisation makes perfect sense. Wanting to overwrite her son, Skargo’s, personality was really harsh. I am glad that Kartatz told her to appreciate him for who he is and what he has done. As well as acknowledge that he cares. I kind of feel bad for Skargo. Her summoning skills are fun to watch and that fireball action had me impressed. I am glad that we are getting to see some of acknowledging and accepting that Leadale is her new reality and that the people around her are real and not just game characters that are expendable. I do wish we had more insight and time with her coming to terms with everything.

Episode 5


The family just got bigger and shows a lot can happen in 200 years. Why did her daughter not warn her? Now the end of episode 4 makes a whole lot more sense. I was not expecting this particular twist. That introduction could have gone a whole lot better but a prank was made instead. Cayna gets angry quite easily. I once again am left feeling sorry for members of her family. I am starting to need character ages. Searching for the halls of each guardian at this point seems secondary to character introductions.

Will I continue to watch World of Leadale and do I have any expectations?

I will continue this but not as a weekly release. The pacing for me is more for a binge-watch, or rather a complete watch. It feels almost more like a slice-of-life although that is not a listed genre for the series. I do wonder what is going to happen after the character introductions are done. She is very clearly powerful and building connections and reconnecting with characters that have influence and power.  

We are almost halfway through this season and she has reconnected with her tower and become the master of another. 11 Towers to go and I am waiting for the conflict to start. I am left wanting regarding the adventure aspect of this anime. I do suspect that if given the chance, this anime will have more than one season.

What are your current impressions of Leadale no Daichi nite?


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