The first anime I ever watched was…

As I have mentioned before in a previous challenge the very first anime I ever watched was probably one of the ones played on TV when I was in primary school so roughly 16 years ago. Every day Monday through to Friday at 5pm I found myself excitedly sitting in front of the TV with my fellow aftercare goers waiting for the show to start. Then once the show was done I knew my father would be arriving to pick me up and take me home. As for which anime was my first, it was probably either Yugi-oh, Pokemon or Dragon Ball. I can’t remember which one I watched first.

Otherwise the very first anime I watched while knowing it was anime was none other than Bleach. Once again it started at 5pm on Friday and I knew that when the episode finished I would have to leave the house immediately otherwise I would be late for work. That was about seven or eight years ago. I can remember how quickly I became addicted to Bleach and my annoyance of the fact that the channel (Animax) that was showing Bleach never showed past the bridge scene where Ichigo was about to fight Bayukia in order to rescue Rukia (before he got his Bankai). The fact I didn’t get to watch further sucked! It was only through a friend years later that I finally got to watch the rest of the Bleach arcs.


Bleach also happens to be the very first anime that I watched in Japanese. It took a little adjustment to switch over to the subtitles but now that I have, I can’t watch Bleach dubbed anymore. The characters just sound wrong, sigh.

I am so glad that Bleach was my first anime, since thanks to it I have made decent and lifelong friends (shout out to Connie and GemGem!). It somehow worked out that Bleach was a perfect conversation starter and ice breaker that led to further conversation. It was also the one that opened my eyes to the wonder that is anime. To this day it still has some of my favourite intros and endings, the best theme song (IMO) and some of my ultimate favourite characters.

Bleach will forever hold a special place in my heart.

And so begins the challenge. Here is the very first post as promised. I realise that these are all mainstream but isn’t that rather normal for someone’s first anime? Either way I am happy with the way my anime adventure started. Now I am curious about how yours started as well?

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  1. i only started watching anime 2 years ago, the first anime i watched was kiki’s delivery service, my sister ordered it online and keeps on watching, i decided to watch it with her, and then, i was greeted to anime


  2. Like you, I can’t remember the first anime I watched. It must have been either Voltron, Robotech or Mazinger Z. My parents used to rent out a lot of mech shows on VHS for me to watch.

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    1. Thanks, I will do my best to try and get the posts up on time. The Pinocchio one I have got to see! Ox Tales seems like it would have been amusing!

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