21 Day Challenge #2

Well, I am late in putting this post together since this one overlapped from January and went over into February and we are already basically halfway through March. Why and how is the time going by so quickly? Anyhow, for the second challenge of the year, I was challenged to talking to my followers every day for 21 days. Now, I do this quite often, as it is so I decided I would post a question every day for the challenge and have discussions based on that. This way there were some parameters as well.

I was honestly surprised and happy with the result of this challenge and I had really enjoyed it. I shall be posting screenshots and linking them to the actual posts, otherwise, this post may never end. πŸ™‚

Below is my 21-day journey


NewChallengeChildishBookGroupProudHardest LessonBetter BrainNever do againwant but can't affordLooking Forward ToPresentationPeople Watchday betterearly or lateMaster Skillterrible job23 Jan - Do you play sport22 Jan - if you did not have to sleep

I know I do not have all 21 questions up, I only have 19. Unfortunately, I am struggling to find the other 2 on my Facebook page. I posted these questions on all of my social media profiles.

I would also like to say a big thank you to my challenger, you helped me make my page more interactive and relevant and helped me get closer to my followers. THANK YOU!

Plus, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who participated by answering my questions and interacting with me, not just during the challenge but on the whole. I am sure you might be getting sick of hearing me say it but honestly, you make my day!

Then to tie the challenge into the outside world and to improve and give me a reason to still go out and walk I decided to meet someone new every day and actually introduce myself to them. It was positively nerve wreaking for the socially awkward me. Not everyone was too happy to have pictures taken and posted so that was not done. Also, some I did not feel comfortable asking them and I did not get all 21 days. There were times where I just could not bring up the courage, or I never saw someone that did not already know me.

I quickly learned that I need to work on my communication skills, more in the sense of how to start and carry a conversation without coming across as a complete sociopath. It is really really hard and I wonder at what point did I forget how to do that. Why was it so much easier to talk to people when I was in school?

The next challenge I aim to start with today. It will be the third challenge (^^,). I have taken the past few weeks off due to personal and health reasons and I finally feel human again. So what have I been challenged to?

  • Watch anime I would normally not watch.
    • For me, this usually covers mecha and slice of life or anything overly crude.
  • Then I was presented with a 7-day challenge of, sing an anime intro song every day and share a video of it.
    • I will be doing this one and I am apologising in advance because I know I can not sing, I do not have rhythm, tune or pitch so yeah, good luck more to you than to me (^^,).

Are you doing anything currently to challenge yourself?Β 


Your thoughts?

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