My Favourite Ability in One Piece [21/30]

The question of what is your favourite ability in One Piece can be interpreted in multiple ways. It can be seen as asking broadly for your favourite devil fruit or fighting style. It can also be seen as do you prefer Devil Fruits, fighting abilities or the voice of all things. So for this post, I shall answer which I like of the three overall and then specifically which fighting style and which devil fruit I like.

Here is the twenty first day and the 21st question of my 30 One Piece Questions.


My favourite One Piece ability:

I really, really like the different fighting styles. Yes Devil Fruits are powerful but if you don’t know how to use them properly or you don’t have enough creativity or ingenuity, then they shall really go to waste. While the same can be said for the fighting styles, I just prefer them as each person has taken the time to develop and learn their style – it wasn’t a sudden gift of power.

My favourite Devil Fruit:

The Ope Ope no Mi is my favourite Devil Fruit. It is a Paramecia-type. The fruit allows the user to construct a spherical area or “ROOM” in which the user may control the placement/orientation of anything (and anybody) within and remodel them at whim in a “surgical” manner, therefore transforming the user into a Free Modification Human.


This is my favourite Devil Fruit because as mentioned in my 50 Question Challenge from back in 2015, the ability to make whatever I imagine a reality or have complete control of an area around me that I can manipulate however at will is my ideal superpower. So the Ope Ope no Mi is the closest to my ideal at the moment. It’s just a bonus that Trafalgar D. Water Law is user we got to know with the fruit.

My favourite fighting ability:

I am tempted to say Haki, so very tempted. However, it feels a little to convenient. I like Nami’s fighting ability, using weather. Yet as a clumsy person who wishes I could have better control of my body, I also really like the Seimei Kikan ability. The user has total control over all of their body parts and physical processes with this technique.


Which is your favourite One Piece ability?

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Your thoughts?

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